“The Woven Exhibitionist” is a film that explores the possibilities of hyperreal surrealism, focusing on colourful outbursts of shapes and spaces through the magical weaving surfaces and their surroundings. 

The venture starts in a minimal ambiguous space that embraces the feel and the sensation of the unexpected; an homage to a rather hypnagogic state of mind.

A collaboration was initiated between the London based sustainable fashion brand MWoven by Martina Spetlova and motion graphics director Peter Tomaszewicz to create a film whose narrative would evoke a pleasant feeling of suspense. Rolling inspiration from installation artists whose work is based on minimal brutal sets, the film explores the designer’s artful signature woven techniques that offer a moderate asmr sensation.

The project includes reflections of the unseen, inflatable articles, liquid forms and unexpected movements that would transition the viewer with the guidance of the vigorous sound to the routes of “The Tree Of Woven”, an archetype of a paradise in which these objects represent the pinnacle of innovation and ultimate desire.



Direction, design and animation - Peter Tomaszewicz

MWoven designer - Martina Spetlova

Sound - Austin from Snapped Ankles

Production - Christiana Perdiou

Digital textile assets by FBXF:

Photogrammetry - Jack Rothwell

PBR Texture Creation - Anastasiya Honchar

Zbrush Artist - Chris Everritt

3D Artist - Giovanni Manili

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